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July, 2016

Let’s Go Zvezo!

By on July 20, 2016

Have you ever traveled to a foreign place before and find yourself looking for the good stuff to experience?

Do you try to find the places to eat that are truly local? Where’s the authentic Hawaii island adventures and who do we do them with? What should you do and not do? Where should you go and where should you stay away from?

These are all of the things you probably wonder if you were to visit Hawaii. But, I have a solution for that. I’ve got you covered… (more…)

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Flying High To Surfing Low

By on July 14, 2016

By “flying”, we’re not talking about high on that natural green stuff, nor high on cloud 9 – but I’m sure you can be when you surf with us and experience the extreme sports activities here in Hawaii.

With the lush greenery, warm, tropical weather, and trade wind breezes, Hawaii is the perfect place for outdoor activities. And we have tons of them. Including surf, there are a lot of outdoor activities here in Hawaii, and most people who visit here (even locals) do not know about some of those activities.

Here, on Flying High And Surf Hawaii, we aim to bring you the lesser known activities that you can experience here on the islands. From extreme sports to the little-known surfing spots that you can access, we’ll reveal them to you here.

So follow us and fly high, because there’s no limit to what we do here in Hawaii, legally.

There’s more than meets the eyes in Hawaii…

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