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Skydive Hawaii Review: Take the Plunge with the Pros

By on December 14, 2017

“Any adrenaline junkie who’s visiting Oahu should consider adding skydiving into their itinerary. Skydiving is getting more and more popular for tourists, especially since the locale boasts breathtaking views that are worth seeing from twelve thousand feet off the ground.” – Scott M., Freshcoat Painting Hawaii Owner

If you’re looking for the right people to help you take the leap, this Skydive Hawaii review might help. Skydive Hawaii is a highly recommended and very popular choice for tourists who want to see the beauty of the island from up above.

Skydive Hawaii

Found right at the Dillingham Airfield in Waialua, Hawaii, Skydive Hawaii is one of the best known skydiving service providers here. Visitors flock to them as they have been widely referred by previous clients and continue to provide some of the most thrilling experiences ever.

Skydive Hawaii is also best known for having the largest facility in all of Hawaii. This makes them more than capable of handling a lot of clients as they can accommodate a large number of thrill-seekers.

But what really makes this company a great choice for your first skydiving experience is their expertise. They specialize in tandem skydiving sessions, so they know how to handle nervous clients with great ease and professionalism.

You also have the option how high you want to skydive from. Their regular offerings will let you jump at 12,000 feet but you can also opt to go higher at 14,000 and even 20,000 feet. These special offerings give Skydive Hawaii a leg up on the competition. It also gives you great options for getting your adrenaline rush.

Unfortunately, they do not host classes for those who are interested to learn more about skydiving due to safety risks. They also don’t accommodate sport skydivers due to the lack of space. So if you’re any of these two, you might need to look for other options.  (more…)

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Oahu Zip Lining Adventures: Which Ones Are For You?

By on August 11, 2016

Many visitors to Hawaii haven’t heard about the Oahu Zip Lining Adventures. But what you do hear won’t compare to your actual experience once you’ve tried it.

Zip Lining is about strapping to a cable wire high up in the air, while you travel at speeds that can beat rollercoasters. This is a thrill that’s virtually impossible to match, and you’ll experience firsthand how Superman (or Supergirl) feels about flying in the air. Oahu Zipline offers several versions to suit your particular preferences, and they’re among the most exciting yet affordable options in the Oahu zip lining industry.

When we experienced it there were a bunch of tree service companies cutting down trees to make clear the new zip line paths. But it was still a great experience!

Here are some of your choices: (more…)

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Let’s Go Zvezo!

By on July 20, 2016

Have you ever traveled to a foreign place before and find yourself looking for the good stuff to experience?

Do you try to find the places to eat that are truly local? Where’s the authentic Hawaii island adventures and who do we do them with? What should you do and not do? Where should you go and where should you stay away from?

These are all of the things you probably wonder if you were to visit Hawaii. But, I have a solution for that. I’ve got you covered… (more…)

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