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Let’s Go Zvezo!

By on July 20, 2016

Have you ever traveled to a foreign place before and find yourself looking for the good stuff to experience?

Do you try to find the places to eat that are truly local? Where’s the authentic Hawaii island adventures and who do we do them with? What should you do and not do? Where should you go and where should you stay away from?

These are all of the things you probably wonder if you were to visit Hawaii. But, I have a solution for that. I’ve got you covered…

For the last three years, my family and I have been visiting Maui, Hawaii. Every single time we go, we are super excited to experience something new. We look forward to eating somewhere popular with the locals. We want to delve into the culture and not just do the same ol’ “touristy” stuff.

Unfortunately, every year we do nothing out of the ordinary. We dine at the regular places, which I’m sure we have back at home. We usually don’t do much but the same things. We didn’t even know what beaches were good to check out. We had no clue where the local activities were either (and I don’t mean the typical stuff).

I’m talking about real authentic Hawaiian experiences with local people. Maybe an interesting beach spot, pounding some poi, cultural stuff like that. All we did as a family was eat and shop. How boring right?

Let me introduce you to the Zvezo application. It’s a travel/lifestyle app that connects travelers with Hawaii locals to experience unique and “out-of-the-norm” activities. I wish I knew about this years ago!

The goal of the creators of this app was to connect travelers with real people so they can experience Hawaii, as the locals do. Kind of to enjoy it as we do. They offer various activities for everyone. Whether you are looking to learn the local language at the beach or park, get some DJ lessons on the Hawaii skyline with renowned Hawaii DJs, or going cruising around the island, you’ll find things to do to have an amazing time!

These are experiences that you could have never found without knowing someone that knows someone. Usually when you’re traveling to Hawaii, knowing a lot of local people usually isn’t the case.

But this app solves that. It’s a great way to connect with trusted Hawaii people and explore Hawaii the way it supposed to be explored. You’ll never settle for the same old boring stuff anymore. Next time you visit Hawaii, don’t just be there, experience it!

Check out Zvezo today!

Let’s Go Zvezo!

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