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Oahu Zip Lining Adventures: Which Ones Are For You?

By on August 11, 2016

Many visitors to Hawaii haven’t heard about the Oahu Zip Lining Adventures. But what you do hear won’t compare to your actual experience once you’ve tried it.

Zip Lining is about strapping to a cable wire high up in the air, while you travel at speeds that can beat rollercoasters. This is a thrill that’s virtually impossible to match, and you’ll experience firsthand how Superman (or Supergirl) feels about flying in the air. Oahu Zipline offers several versions to suit your particular preferences, and they’re among the most exciting yet affordable options in the Oahu zip lining industry.

When we experienced it there were a bunch of tree service companies cutting down trees to make clear the new zip line paths. But it was still a great experience!

Here are some of your choices:

Oahu Zip Lining

Bay View Zipline

This is for beginners, and for those who would rather not go too far up in the air. You only pay $40 and yet you can zip down a zip line spanning 400 feet. Not just once, mind you, but 3 times. It’s a perfect first date activity for the adventurous type, yet it’s also a great outing for families. Even 6-year old kids are allowed to ride, as long as they’re in the 60 to 250-pound weight range. Other ziplines have 7-year old and 70-pound minimum requirements.

Since it’s just 400 feet long, it’s a great way for kids and beginners to find out if they can stand the exhilaration. Afterwards, they can relax in a game of mini-putt if they want. And if the newbie changes their mind, at least they didn’t spend a fortune signing up!

Oahu Zip Line

 Zip & Mini Putt Combo

This is a popular party idea for lots of families and kids, as the zip line and mini-putt adventures are locked in for just a measly $50. The mini-putt isn’t just a negligible bonus—many consider it as the best mini-golf course in the whole island. In fact, some people come for the mini-putt and not for the Oahu zip lining.

Still, it’s great. Bring a camera with you, and have the kids enjoy the aerial adventure. Once again, it’s open to 6-year olds who weigh at least 60 pounds.

Hawaii Jurassic Zip Line Tour

Jurassic Zipline Tour

Have you ever wondered what a real Jurassic Park would be like? You won’t have to imagine the details since this zip line is in the Ka’a’awa Valley where the Jurassic films were shot. The minimum requirements include a weight of 70 pounds and a height of 4’ 8”, a waist of 22 inches and an upper thigh of 18 inches.

This adventure includes 7 zip line runs in tandems, with lengths ranging from just 200 feet to 1,320 feet. While you’re in the air, the views are spectacular while you have local plants and animals underneath. You also get to cross 2 suspension bridges and go on 3 five-minute hiking trails. Along the way, your guide will tell you all about Hawaiian traditions and the animals that live there.

North Shore Zip Lining

North Shore Zipline – CLIMB Works Keana Farms

This is a 3-hour guided tour with zip lines ranging from 500 feet to almost a half mile long. While you enjoy learning more about the culture and history of Hawaii, you are also treated to an awesome ocean view. You get 8 zip lines in tandem, 3 sky bridges, 2 rappels, and an ATV adventure. It’s like being Indiana Jones, even for just a few hours!

The last two decades has seen a tremendous boost in the popularity of zip lining. With these Oahu Zipline Adventures, it’s safe to say that they’ll remain a sought after adventure for many more decades to come.

Hawaii Zip Lining

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